Our Story...

The story of Wildfire is the culmination of two people's vision and passion for food and entertaining. Where Simon bring the training and proven expertise of having worked for some of the fanciest kitchen, Janey brings the warmth and inclusion of the most fabulous family get togethers, beautiful settings and a host of hard working and loyal waiters and waitresses.




Janey is a self taught but no less talented cook than her teammate. Her roll in Wildfire is to source the best ingredients and cook the end result. Bringing her flair for life, expertise in entertaining and electrifying ability to make an event beautiful, there is no doubt that with the team on aboard, your event will be the most effortlessly organised time, your guests will be talking about for weeks after.



Simon has been a classically trained chef for more than 20 years, working at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the South West. His freelance work is second to none. Whether he is bringing his passion and skill to an intimate fine dining event or using his handmade open fire equipment to create a stunning, theatrical feast, his enthusiasm is palpable and a genuine joy to be around.

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Waiting Staff

One thing you can guarantee with the Wildfire Collective is that Janey and Simon will always bring with them an experienced, slick and delightful team of waiters, waitresses and bar staff to cater to whatever requirements you desire. Made up of Janey's beautiful children and their friends, you can be assured that the team all work with the same passion and desire to succeed as Simon and Janey.