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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Good day to you all, I wanted to introduce myself as Janey, 'Just' is up to your interpretation..

Born into a loving, hardworking, farming family in Dorset everything I know and love is a direct result of my parents greater knowledge of animal husbandry, farming and all aspects of culinary and household management.

Although I enjoyed school, unlike my three siblings, I wasn't as academically blessed but instead nurtured and grew the social relationships that now have huge value and importance in everything I do today.

I have always been incredibly driven, from the day I started working in the local pub aged 12..yes, young and today probably frowned upon as I had convinced them I was 16, but I learnt the value of hard work and the financial reward for getting sh*t done... My father was an inspiration and taught me the art of negotiation, patience and salesmanship at the local livestock market, where we sold anything from sheep to chicks. I miss those days.

Rosemary, my mother, is where where culinary inspirations came from. Am yet to match or better her roast. Healthy, hearty and homely is at the core of all my cooking even now, going to bed reading cookery books was what I geeked out on and learnt all I know. As my mother became steadily unwell, my position in the family was written and I took over the responsibility of feeding the troops.

Not only was my mother an incredible cook, but she also had a burning passion for animals, their welfare and in particular King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. I believe this is almost as intrinsic as DNA in our family due to my continuation and my grandmother, and great grandmother also being breeders. I took great pride as a small helping Mum be a midwife to the beautiful litters of puppies that were born to our beautiful girls.

Keep in touch for more news, reviews and enlightenment on all things canine, catering and culture in Dorset and surrounding areas.

Lots of love,


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